Happy Holidays to you!


We at The Universal Sea wish you and your beloved ones very happy holidays!


We deeply wish to live on a planet that is not covered in plastic and filled with polluted drinking water. That is why we want to remind ourselves to care for a few details. Here is a list of tipps and tricks to avoid plastic during the holidays:

  1. Instead of buying plastic decoration go outside to collect natural items!
  2. Propose plastic-free Christmas parties (e.g. everyone can bring their own plate and cutlery instead of using plastic ones) to your friends and families!
  3. Only buy and make plastic-free or at least long-lasting plastic gifts!
  4. Wrap presents in sustainable material i.e. recycled paper!
  5. Create your own Christmas sweets and nibbles instead of buying plastic covered ones!
  6. Do something good to your community or donate to our Art and Innovation Fund to come up with efficient solutions!

Thanks for your commitment – We are happy to join forces with you 🙂 Have a great and peaceful time with your friends and families!