Happy New Year


Happy New Year to everyone! 🎉

The end of the year is always a good time to look back on what happend. And 2018 was (or still is depending on when you are reading this post 😉 ) super intense and busy for us, but also an incredibly eventful and motivating year. Throughout our collaboration with very dedicated teams we accomplished so much:

Last year we kicked off at The Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, followed by a collaboration with the first Water Festival in Berlin. After the jury process that identified our artists in residence, we launched our Grand Opening in April 2018, hosted by the Center of Polish Sculpture. The next steps were our Finland Station in June hosted by Design Factory/ Aalto University, our Kosovo Station also in June hosted by Doku:TECH, and the Netherlands Station in Amsterdam at the We Make The City Festival. In August we participated at the WATT EN SCHLICK Festival and in September at the Copenhagen Techfestival. In October we had the pleasure of being hosted by the Entrepreneurship Summit back in Berlin and at the extensive Art Moments – The Universal Sea Budapest Festival. Finally, for 2018, we brought our project to various institutions in Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore we have been working on our guidebook which is going to be published in the beginning of this new year. Check out what’s in there HERE.

In connection to the guidebook, we launched our Scream for Clean Campaign. Let’s join forces to and become a part of it!

Featured photo by Meagan Paddock