Floating Gallery by Team G

Presenting the team ZIGGY SCHWARZ – Art Producer, Concept Designer, Spacechanger My name is Siegfried Schwarz (Ziggy), the lead of ...
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Promote private marine protected areas! by Team F

by Eike Otto & Sibylle Riedmiller   At present, private marine conservation does not yet play the role that it ...
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The Float Generator by Team E

by Joy Lohmann and Makers4Humanity!⁠ ⁠ Presenting the team The “Makers For Humanity” has been developing a collective since the ...
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By Viola Liebich & Team!⁠ ⁠ One challenge in dealing with the oceans is the lack of structures for cooperation ...
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Team C

Choral 3.0 by Team C

by Jaymarlena/LocalStyle! ⁠ Let’s save our corals! They are the metaphorical “voice” of the Anthropocene, warning us about ocean acidification ...
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Upstream Algae Shopping Spree by Team B

Presenting the team Coming from different artistic backgrounds (painting, performance, photography), we are united as a group of artists by ...
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