Perception of Contemporaneity - The Universal Sea

Perception of Contemporaneity – The Universal Sea at Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad

‘Danube Dialogues’ Festival in collaboration with The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina are pleased to present the central exhibition ...
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Making a Sustainable National Water Footprint

Plastic pollution has now become one of the most pressing environmental issues. Rapidly produced plastic products have begun to engulf the ...
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Los Angeles

MOoW presents The Universal Sea in Los Angeles

Get your tickets for The Universal Sea: Art Exhibition, Book Launch and Symposium HERE.  Made Out of WHAT is a ...
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48h Festival Berlin

The Universal Sea at 48h Neukölln Festival – Prinzessinnengarten

The Universal Sea was invited to the 48h Neukölln Festival by the Prinzessinnengarten Collective Berlin. From 14 to 16 June ...
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J Henry Fair

National Maritime Conference Germany

The Deutsche Meeresstiftung and the Bodensee Ship Operators organize an event that takes place on the ship “MS Lindau” on ...
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