Floating Gallery by Team G

Presenting the team

ZIGGY SCHWARZ – Art Producer, Concept Designer, Spacechanger

My name is Siegfried Schwarz (Ziggy), the lead of the project. I am planning on extending my team during the development process. The majority of my life I worked as an architect and participated in several architecture projects. In 1996 I moved from Frankfurt (Main) to Dresden. Since 2005 I’m particularly focusing on projects and products that imply a creative mixture between art and space. Some examples:

  • The interactive art exhibition “RaumLernen-RaumDenken”,
  • The realization of a portable house “Das EinRaumhaus”
  • The development of a living project “Skulpturale Bebauung” within the Light & Sound Festival “transNATURALE” in collaboration with the “Transmedia Akademie Hellerau”.

In 2012 my artistic ambitions intensified when I opened the art gallery “Art4Dresden”. Together with the consulting agency “Age of Artists” I was able to continue working on a personal project “Art2Think” with the possibilities of artistic thinking. Since 2018 I live in Leipzig and founded the company “Art Spaces”.

About the Floating Gallery

My greatest passion is the ocean. It is my personal soul place, my recharging station. As a supporter of several ocean protection organizations, and as a godparent of marine animals, I feel very connected with the ocean.

The development of the Floating Gallery is in constant process. I also have a concept for a portable floating house, a floating space – Das EinRaumhaus – as an implemented prototype. This flexible module is transportable and changeable. It takes on various functions and has been used as an art product or art space.


During the Hackathon, I would like to define a terminated and communal goal, where we can ideally figure out a concept for implementation and funding.

I want to create a communication space on or near the water front. Envisioned is a physical place that is also virtual. The gallery will be a space for the unthought – as a thinking and in-between space – Furthermore, it can be a learning space for making art with creative tools. This can lead to an art space for modern marketing for ocean issues and therefore be a symbol for the willingness to create positive change.

In the long run, the dissolution of the real spaces is envisaged. Several virtual ‘lighthouses’ – light objects, luminous sculptures, light projections, floating objects are to take over the former function and shine at locations yet to be determined. They are meant as trend-setting symbols – in harmony with the sea – for a future worth living.

If you want to meet this team to accelerate their idea – come and join us at the Ocean Future Lab Hackathon, Sept- 21-23, 2022.