Promote private marine protected areas! by Team F

by Eike Otto & Sibylle Riedmiller
At present, private marine conservation does not yet play the role that it should, given its great potential. Despite considerable successes in marine protection, private marine protected areas are mostly without promotion and recognition of international initiatives and programs. In particular, there is a lack of a joint presence where best practices and strategies can be exchanged and presented.
Another essential aspect is the communication and anchoring of the idea of marine protection in the respective region and culture. In particular, art could take on an important communicative transmitter function. Basically, an exchange of values is needed depending on local conditions and traditions when establishing private marine conservation. During the hackathon the team is looking for promotional strategies and impactful communication.

⁠If you want to meet this team to accelerate their idea – come and join us at the Ocean Future Lab Hackathon, Sept- 21-23, 2022.