The Float Generator by Team E

by Joy Lohmann and Makers4Humanity!⁠

Presenting the team

The “Makers For Humanity” has been developing a collective since the world exhibition EXPO2000 in Hanover.

For the proposed “Float Generator”, an international, interdisciplinary core group of “island builders” was formed in May 2022. They gather and disseminate free and open knowledge for self-sufficient, sustainable floating islands and their uses across borders and climate zones.

About the project

This project evolved from an artistic vision of floating islands to the prototypical series production of modular low-tech islands. The open-source construction system, titled “Open-Island”, can be applied to a wide variety of problems. Especially in times of climate change, the need for resilient solutions for oceans, coasts and inland waters will steadily increase.

With the “Float Generator” we want to collect, network and disseminate free knowledge, best-practice projects and concrete blueprints for sustainable living on and with water worldwide.


At the Ocean Future Lab Hackathon, we aim to develop the project strategy, a content system for the free knowledge and the digital dissemination platform and its specific channels.

A structured open source platform of free knowledge for floating platforms and their productive use for various sustainable and climate positive purposes shall be launched.

Floating-Futures Platform:

Sustainability on the long run

Optimally, in the medium term, a global network of like-minded organizations, projects and experts will emerge, who inspire each other and support each other with words and deeds.

For the Citizen-Science research strategy and knowledge processing we want to find interested people worldwide to collaborate online. The finished floating-futures platform will then be marketed predominantly to groups, villages and communities worldwide that are affected by climate impacts. These are best approached through partner NGOs in the field and the trade media in the development context. The second user group is startups and entrepreneurships looking to launch climate-positive ventures.

⁠If you want to meet this team to accelerate their idea – come and join us at the Ocean Future Lab Hackathon, Sept- 21-23, 2022.