By Viola Liebich & Team!⁠
One challenge in dealing with the oceans is the lack of structures for cooperation between all those who contribute to scientific investigation, sustainable use and knowledge transfer.

We propose the idea of an app – free to use for everyone with an interest in the oceans and a sustainable use of the oceans. It is planned as an offer to share knowledge, ideas, opportunities, and to support international collaboration.

The app will be supported by and offered to the ICYMARE network, but not exclusively. It will be accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds, and those interested in working with the oceans.

ICYMARE is based on volunteer work and its family is constantly growing, we reach more than 1400 people through social media, and bring together more than 300 people from all over the world at the ICYMARE conference once per year

But we lose track of each other in the rest of the year. The interest and need to network seems ever growing but there is no international, easily accessible, and overarching option to connect so far.

We as early career researchers see the major challenge for the sustainable use of the oceans in the lack of overarching collaboration and knowledge transfer

⁠If you want to meet this team to accelerate their idea – come and join us at the Ocean Future Lab Hackathon, Sept- 21-23, 2022.