Beautiful Waste! Steve McPherson’s marine plastic…

Defined as an archaeologist of the 21st century, the artist and lecturer Steve McPherson has been collecting for over two decades plastic debris from the coastline of the United Kingdom. Objects once of defined color, purpose and dimension become today relics still carrying their own history.

‘Turbulent’ by Steve McPherson, 2014. Approx 100×100cm. Unaltered Marine plastic objects found on the UK coast, 1994-2014 on primed Dibond

Collecting, classifying and assembling them to create artworks of wonderful color palettes is a tool to reflect on the value and role of debris in today’s society, while at the same time engaging a new audience and new collectors in a project that raises awareness on the urgent issue of ocean plastic pollution and encourage to take action!

For an overview on the artworks, texts and blogs of Steve McPherson click here.

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