Cleaning up the oceans

One of the main risks for sea life is trash floating in the ocean, which with time piles up in huge garbage patches. System 002 suggests how to clean up the oceans from plastic pollution and to decrease the sizes of those patches. The project has been started in 2021 and proved its efficiency very fast. The main challenge in fighting plastic which flows in the ocean is the level of its delusion, but System 002 is able to overcome it and to collect even the trash scattered over the large water areas. Its u-shape allows creating artificial coastlines and accumulating the waste from the surface. Computer modeling helps to predict the areas of garbage patch and smoothly work through them collecting both small and large objects. The implementers in their turn avoid negative impact of their cleaning systems on the water and constantly monitor environmental effect of the project. Together with decreasing of pollution, this system being implemented in all oceans can bring us to the reduction of 90% of negative effect on the ocean by 2040th. System 002 is continuously being scaled up and as a next step it is planned to start System 003, which will be three times bigger and modified.

Photo by Naja Bertolt Jensen on Unsplash