Plastic Free Republic, a creative idea dedicated to kids

Dear children of all ages,

Plastic has turned into a dangerous monster because since the time it was invented we have not realized about its risks. Today we find it in the bellies of the birds, between the teeth of the sharks and partly also in our stomach.

Thinking of the continent of plastic floating in the ocean and polluting day after day, I imagined a system to make all those nets, bags, bottles and caps go away. For the plastic to go away we needed a passport and your imagination. So this is how the Republic without plastic was born: you are the citizens and your imagination and your help will contribute to making the plastic travel where it will no longer be harmful. If for each citizen a piece of plastic flies away then that’s it, you’ve got it.

The passport has a circle in the middle. It is an imaginary cap, one of the most common types of plastic waste. On the other page of the passport, your work of art will be shown. That will have to speak about plastic and about your wishes. I would like you to also add a very short thought to the drawing.

As in every Republic, I wrote a small Constitution with the most important principles. You can add a sentence that can be part of a great document of imaginary laws for the creation of a cleaner and fulfilling life.

My desire is to create a Republic with many citizens. I would like passports with your drawings to become the contents of an exhibition involving children from every corner of the world. I would like to open the exhibition in 2019. The more we are the better, because if things go well we can also involve the adults to create concrete actions to clean up the world from plastic. But in the meantime, it’s up to you.

I’ll explain to you:

To obtain a passport you must send your work of art/drawing by email. Get help from your parents, they will certainly know how to do it. The image will then be inserted in the passport and sent back to your email address.

The drawing must be digital so as not to waste paper. You can use one of the many drawing programs that you usually have on any computer or tablet. Then I will cut the image and insert it into the passport that I will send you once complete.

I almost forgot: my name is Dario, I’m an Italian journalist but I’m also an artist with a nice name: Pablo Dilet. In recent years I have worked with many children (and even with a tortoise named Cassiopeia) to create works of art against pollution. It will, therefore, be a pleasure to have you in my team of artists!

I would to thank in particular Universal Sea for his big collaboration!


Send the drawing to in jpg format and add the sentence to the body of the email with your name and nationality. The file should not exceed 2MB.

Please note: The document must be sent by an adult and by sending the email you implicitly authorize me to use and print your work for the realization of the exhibition, to create and sell any posters, calendars and other material designed to cover the costs of the project. Implicitly, you authorize me to send you e-mails for the sole purpose of returning the complete passport and informing you about the progress of the project and about the dates of exhibitions or related events. In respect of privacy, none of your emails will be transferred to third parties.

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  1. Am working similar project with Children. Maybe collaboration will be great.
    Kojo Biney

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