SumOfUs’s petition for more restrictive plastic litter law

The organisation SumOfUs is a global community which is committed to reduce the growing power of corporations. They firmly belive that if this community works together we can stand up to the biggest companies and governments. And we are grateful that they started a petition addressed to the governments of the EU countries concerning the upcoming plastic marine litter law.

Go and support a strict law on disposable plastic!
With an overwhelmingly majority the European Parliament voted in favor of a law on plastic waste prevention on the 24th of October, 2018. First of all that’s great news! This law would make a huge contribution to the protection of the seas and waterways worldwide. But the proposal still has to take one last hurdle: according to the EU Commission and the European Parliament, the governments of the EU countries should have to agree – but they could still protect the plastic industry.

There is going to be a meeting of the European Environment Ministers in Graz, Austria on the 29th of October, 2018. Now let’s be clear: We want oceans and all waterways to be free of plastic waste – and manufacturers who are held responsible for the damage they cause. And that’s why YOU can help!

Sign this Petition and let’s make sure the ban of sinlge-use plastic is going to be applied and as good as possible!

Featured photo by Simson Petrol.