Who’s Meeting Us in Finland? (I wish I were)

Here at The Universal Sea, we are getting rather excited. Why? Because next Tuesday 5.06 our Finnish event kicks off at Aalto Design Factory in Espoo/Helsinki. So, we thought we’d take the opportunity to write a post dedicated to introducing and hyping our keynote speakers. Because let’s face it, these five people are involved with very diverse and interesting organisations and innovations.

Heikki Karppinen is the CEO of Finnish company Durat (which is interestingly both the company and product). Durat is a nifty, sustainable and durable surface material made from recycled post-industrial plastics and is itself 100% recyclable. It’s a unique solution to all sorts of interior design conundrums as well as an eye-catching artistic material – as seen in Villu Jaanisoo’s Kuukkeli/Siberian Jay public sculpture, found in the Helsinki neighbourhood of Kalasatama.

Aalto University (photo credit: Eeva Suorlahti)

Anna-Marie van der Lei is a lecturer of contemporary design at Aalto University. Her design practice and interests are situated with the body, movement and hapticity as well as solution oriented and sustainable design – as seen in this challenge undertaken by her students.

Paula Havaste is the Theme Leader for the Learning and Events department at The Finnish Science Centre Heureka. The modus operandi of the center is to introduce the public to science and technology in an engaging and interactive way. As I have spent many years living in Helsinki, I can attest to the engaging nature of Heureka’s exhibitions. I first visited when I was 27 years old and was riveted!

Tove Holm is the coordinator of the Baltic Sea Challenge and her areas of expertise and interest include: management, environmental science, education for sustainable development, networking and interdisciplinary applied research – no wonder The Universal Sea approached her to speak.

Finally, Jonne Hellgren is the founder and CEO of Repack, which is a reusable packaging service that aims to bring consumers and retailers together in a “loop of good.” Repack offers a solution beautiful in its simplicity – a durable and recyclable packaging that can be returned and reused over and over again. Considering Hellgren enjoys purposeful disruptions, I am not surprised he is at the helm of such an innovation.

With a line-up of speakers this varied and interesting, my question remains – “Who’s meeting The Universal Sea in Finland?” This little blog writer sure wishes she were.

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