The Plastic Bridge NYC

Every 30 seconds 25,000 P.E.T. bottles are purchased in the U.S. alone. Can you imagine how many of these end up in our oceans? Probably not. It’s that many. At Dopper and the Dopper Foundation, we dream of crystal clear water from every ocean and every tap. That’s why we are building a bridge to a P.E.T. free world. Literally.

This summer, New York will gain an iconic landmark: a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge. But it’s not just any replica. Over 25,000 single-use plastic water bottles were collected by the people of New York and Burning Man artist Colin Hendee is using these to build this bridge with. If such an art piece doesn’t raise awareness and inspire people to get rid of the P.E.T. bottles in their lives…then there’s more!

This initiative doesn’t stop with this bridge, it starts with it. This art piece kicks off an educational programme, with a storybook, an art class, and a play, to teach children about the effects of single-use plastic.

The launch of the bridge: World Ocean Day, June 8, ’18 – NYC.

Stay tuned for the exact location, schedule and event info!