Imitation Iceberg – by Paul Matosic

Paul Matosic is a British artist whose socially critical installations, sculptures, videos and photographs have been exhibited in major solo and group exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Brazil and Canada.

His work titled ‘Imitation Iceberg’ focuses on a severe problem for ocean creatures – micro particles, small beads of plastic. One source of these particles is polystyrene. This lightweight plastic is eventually compressed into much small particles. But even in its uncompressed form it can be mistaken for food by birds and fish. Did you know, that Polystyrene packaging is one of those ‘use once and chuck away products’ ? It usually gets in the way when removing new electrical equipment from the box and all too often it is simply pushed back in the box and dumped.

Paul Matosic has been exploiting the sculptural qualities of this material for many years constructing sculptural assemblages internally lit with various light sources. LED colour change technology has animated some of his more recent installations.

Imitation Iceberg – An artwork proposed by Paul Matosic

Using social media publicity and searches from the local area the artist will collect this material and create a large installation. The visiting public will be encouraged to contribute additional materials as the work progresses.

Forays out into the public environment in search of more materials will increase the connectivity of this project. The format for this sculpture will be a cuboid shape internally lit using blue, green and white LED light sources thus evoking notions of an iceberg. As global warming increases such objects may become very rare and thus this artificial reminder of these long vanished natural forms will be required.

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