Trash Art 2017

In March 2017, Hybridart Management together with the Gödöllő International Nature Film Festival and Greenius announced its first Trash Art Hungary art project, sponsored by the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture. The tender was themed: “The dawn of a new era: Anthropocene – The Age of Man”, for which artworks were made from recycled waste materials. The title of the art competition refers to the fact that we are now living in a new geologic era – the beginning of the age of man. Human influence on Earth is so massive that the impact of man’s activities will result in irrevocable changes.

The aim of Trash Art Hungary is consistent with the buzzword of a sustainable future, “the cyclical economy”, that focuses on long-term product design, extended product life-cycle, and the importance of durability. The project was designed to look at the value and resource-ability inherent in waste materials, honor and appreciate it and draw it back into the cycle of use if possible, at a higher value. Students and artists participating in the project responded to the global waste management problem of the 21st century through artworks made from waste, hence drawing attention to the downside of our consumption habits. This form of recycling is an interesting and novel form of waste processing where selective waste becomes a form of artwork. The program had 16 teams and 17 installation plans, and was supported by a number of waste management and recycling companies. The following universities and art groups took part in the competition: Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Secondary School of Visual Arts, University of Debrecen, Eszterházy Károly University, Szent István University, University of Kaposvár, University of Pécs, University of Szegedi, “Aztakeservit Értékőr” Group, Herman Ottó Institution and the Kecskemét Steel Sculpture and Fine Art Symposium.

The main prize of 1 Million HUF was awarded to the students of the Arts Faculty of the University of Pécs, entitled “Child’s Play”, while the artwork called “Not? This too?” from the “Aztakeservit Értékőr” Group from Dunaföldvár was awarded a special prize for their statue and its well-documented realization. The first sculptures were first on display during the International Nature Film Festival held between 26-28 May, 2017 in Gödöllő, and were visible till the 10th of June in the courtyard and the lower park of the Grassalkovich Castle. Subsequently, between 16-18 June, 2017 they were on display at the Kerekdomb Festival in Tállya, and between 21-30 July, 2017 at the Kapolcs Valley of Arts Festival. Additionally the statues were exhibited during the Art Moments Festival in Budapest in October 2017, and on the premises of the Inter-Metal waste processing facility in Csepel, where visitors were able to see the sculptures, and learn about the operation of a waste processing facility.