Youth workshop on the subject of packaging avoidance

Four female students (the 6th semester of education and educational science) of Freie Universität Berlin have organized a youth workshop on the subject of packaging avoidance. They set an example of dedicated commitment to our common future and focus on education to make a difference:

We spent an afternoon in a Berlin youth club with our open workshop on packaging avoidance. There were four playful stations: a brief introductory video, painting on cloth bags as an alternative to plastic or paper bags, making wallets from tetra packs as an example for upcycling and 3 quizzes titled: “How long does garbage take to decompose in the sea?”, “Which rubbish belongs in which bin?” and “7 tricks – avoiding packaging” (the latter was a memory game). It was to bring the children closer to these topics, to sensitize them and to provide initial food for thought.

15 children between the ages of 6 and 14 years seemingly tried our stations with pleasure. We think that they are still open (just before puberty) at an age when they start to become more independent and question more things. Our hope is that our workshop has given the children incentives to talk to parents, for example, and to consider different eco-friendly and low-plastic alternatives even in everyday life.