Sandcastles – by Sophia Siossios

Sandcastles is an ongoing art project that aims to highlight the current reality with waste on our beaches and in our seas.  It’s part art and part awareness.

This project started at the end of the summer in 2017 when artist Sophia Siossios saw just how much rubbish was on her local beach.

‘I make these site-specific works incorporating waste within the sand to reflect the actuality with one of our many environmental issues.

Documentation is an important aspect of these works, they help show a bigger audience just how much visible waste is left be hide by us, which a lot of people normally chose to ignore.’

To make these works Siossios has been traveling from beach to beach, to collect rubbish to incorporate within sandcastles. Once rubbish from that beach has been collected she then fills a bucket with sand and the rubbish, creating polluted sandcastles for beach visitors to see. No rubbish collected is left behind.

Beach cleaning is something everyone can take part in and can be made into a fun activity. One great way to help our oceans and the wildlife.

Some of the photos from her documentation have been developed into postcards, Polluted Postcards. These are sent to people showing them that there is waste on our local beaches.

Sophia Siossios is an emerging artist that graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art from the University of the West of England in 2016.  She was chosen to exhibit in Exeter Phoenix Graduate Exhibition 2017. Some of these works have been featured in A5 Magazine and WOTISART.

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