Ocean Future Lab at Futurium Berlin

On August 26, the Ocean Future Lab was hosted by the Futurium in Berlin. The Futurium is a project initiative of scientific institutions and networks of several enterprises and foundations as well as the German Federal Government in Berlin. It is a house of futures providing a place for presentation and dialogue on science, research and development.

The day started with a guided tour through the exhibitions by Dr. Christian Engelbrecht, Education Officer at the Futurium. Afterwards the participants were invited to the Futurium Lab, where he gave an introduction into the concept of the “Zukunftsbox” (engl. Future Box). This was followed by an impulse by Dr. Ute Wilhelmsen, Head of Transfer at the German Alliance for Marine Research (DAM) and partner of the Ocean Future Lab project.

In the center of the workshop was the refinement of the prototype for the new Future Box “Oceans” that will provide diverse perspectives on ocean issues and outlooks. The Future Box is an established educational toolbox of the Futurium. It invites people to explore futures in a playful way. The materials are based on methods of futurology, education for sustainable development and design thinking.
Participants from the fields of education, innovation, scientific research, politics and economy tested the prototype for the new Future Box . Additionally, improvements and possible areas of application were discussed.

The new Future Box “Oceans” is based on the cooperation of the German Alliance for Marine Research (DAM) and the Futurium. It is created as part of the Ocean Future Lab, a project in the BMBF Science Year 2022 – Participate!