Cleaning up the oceans

One of the main risks for sea life is trash floating in the ocean, which with time piles up in ...
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Seagrass Ocean Rescue

Project Seagrass is aimed on the rescue of the ocean through restoration of the seagrass. It is planned to organize ...
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Sand engine – or how to shorten the cycles of beach nourishment and make the ocean happy again

Different ways of beach nourishment normally allow restoring the lost layers of sediment on the coast by replacing it from ...
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The Universal Sea at EU@SXSW

We are very proud to follow an invitation by the Delegation of the European Union to the United States. We’ll ...
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The first solar powered boat to travel around the world

Tûranor PlanetSolar – is not just a catamaran, but the first boat to travel around the world using only solar ...
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Make a Sustainable National Water Footprint

Plastic pollution has now become one of the most pressing environmental issues. Rapidly produced plastic products have begun to engulf ...
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