The Hydrogen Island

PSJM is an internationally well-known artist duo formed by Cynthia Viera and Pablo San José. They present themselves as an “art brand”, thus appropriating the procedures and strategies of advanced capitalism to subvert its symbolic structures. The duo typically applies technological media like for The Hydrogen Island, a major work in which visionary research in the field of renewable energies is an essential component. For this sustainable island PSJM collaborated with the Canary Islands Institute of Technology and exchanged lots of ideas and information with scientists and engineers. Through all involved showing a huge commitment to ecology, technological research and art, the project was finally conducted. It consists of a monument for the public space: a hydrogen mini power plant, with a garden, a pond, a rest area and a consumer spot, and shows what people are capable of nowadays.

PSJM - Hydrogen Island

PSJM – Hydrogen Island

Unfortunately – due to the financial crisis – the approved funds for the realization of project never arrived. So the artists decided to present the project in the form of an installation that is composed of a sculpture, a video with music by Marco Brosolo, drawings, and a novel.

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