Oysters, sushi and…micro-plastic, swallowing the truth.

Do you like shellfish, sushi and co? Pay great attention, we have a more dangerous enemy in our seas than the white shark of Jaws, something way smaller: micro-plastic!

This 3:52 min video issued by The National, the Canadian national television news program, gives you a short overview of what micro-plastic is and how it enters into the food chain.

Plastic particles found on coasts and beaches were first reported in the 1970s, however, the term “micro-plastic” is quite recent (Thompson et al., 2004). Micro-plastic, which are tiny bits of plastics found in the environment, do not come only from synthetic waste, but also from different sources such as cosmetics, clothing and industrial processes.

“We’re encountering a pollutant unlike any pollutant we’ve ever seen before,” says Dr. Peter Ross, director of ocean pollution research at the Vancouver Aquarium. “This is not a chemical pollutant, it’s a structural pollutant.” (CBC News, Mar 11, 2017)

The microscopic fragments found in the water are often mistaken from fish and shellfish as food, animals which are then fished and eaten by humans. The impact on individuals and animals of micro-plastics is not yet sure. The video shows how Canadian researchers are now studying the result of this problem.

The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?! wants to attract attention to such issues. Our goal is to reach out to the great public by working closely with scientists such as the EUCC-Dthrough artists’ abilities who sensitise individuals on an emotional base and through the contribution of entrepreneurs, who bring the business component as a base for long-term effects. We want to bring into action a community ready to positively change the world.
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