Veronika Richterova: An enlightening plastic inspiration

Czech artist Veronika Richterova found an enlightening solution for a worldwide problem. She recycles plastic bottles and transforms them into elegant chandeliers, lamps and other sculptures. Could we all draw inspiration from her action?

Plastic Chandelier by Veronika Richterova

Carmen by Veronika Richterova (Image by Michal Cihlář)

According to a three-year study from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in partnership with the World Economic Forum, there are already approximately 150 million tonnes of plastic in the oceans. The report explains that every year 8 million tonnes are discharged into waters, the equivalent of one truck per minute. However, the Czech artist proves that there are still hope and possibilities to take advantage of such an distressing problem.

Wherever she goes, Veronika Richterova collects bottles made out of PE and PET. In what we consider waste the artist finds a treasure. From green, yellow to red containers the artist constructs all sorts of designs and plays with the color of the bottles to create different types of lights.

Richterova takes advantage of the light-weight quality of plastic and its easily shapeable character. Having the same effect of glass, the result is bluffing…and eco-friendly! The artist uses only energy saving bulbs, producing minimal heat, which ensures safety and does not harm the sculpture nor its environment.

Plastic Chandelier by Veronika Richterova

Chandelier III by Veronika Richterova (image by Michal Cihlář)

Creatives such as Veronika Richterova show us new ways to take action in our quotidian against global issues such as plastic pollution. They are real-life examples of possibilities to tame a worldwide cause. It doesn’t mean we all should make lamps out of plastic, but it means we can all make a change in our way of living and maybe even make a life out of it!

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