The sky fell into the sea

After numerous photographic works, I have devoted myself for quite some time to installation projects and the effects of light. I am fascinated by the change of habitual impressions in the artistic treatment.

The focus this time is on water, its aesthetic and luminescent quality and function as a place of remembrance and association.  The material basis of the new series of works is a series of light boxes that were once used as a menu display to highlight words and meanings. In my installation, I paint them with an exceptional color from the medical field.

The special color is commonly used to mark tissue within imaging procedures, revealing contours and structures. In my installation, it serves to create a unique and intriguing multi-layered structure that is illuminated by strong light and delimits the spatial impression. A new sound layer to be composed by myself controls the light of the exhibited color bodies and keeps the viewer’s perception constantly new.

The proposed project accordingly expands the medium of painting with the help of an innovative color technique as well as light and sound. It provides for a walk-in installation with 8 so-called “omnidirectional” bodies. If you enter the showroom, you discover luminous light sculptures that change their color nuances in slow transitions. In classical painting, the light usually comes from the top left and is static. In my installation, the light unfolds from a dimension behind it and dissolves the structure of the painted. The light of the work comes from the visitors and is controlled using an application.