Mikve Opening

We have been waiting for this moment for quite a while and now the day finally came! We are proud to present an art exhibition at one of the most exciting locations in our Art Moments – The Universal Sea Budapest Festival and celebrated its opening on the 11th of October. The works are on display until 21 October at the amazing historical place Mikve (1014 Budapest, Palota Street 1), an old Jewish Ritual Bath. Literally, it means “a gathering of waters” and it involved the concepts of “T’umah” (ritual impurity) and “Taharah” (ritual purity). What could be better for our undertaking?

For the opening many people gathered to be the first ones to get a peek at these great artworks and to witness some passionate speeches by Nicole Loeser, Creative Lead of our project, Kata Szeder, project manager of our joint festival, Roman Kroke, lecturer at the University of Arts, Berlin and the coordinator of the student’s project Microplastic and Medusae – Expeditions into H₂O as well as his students.



If you are in Budapest make sure you pass by! The diverse selection of contemporary installations and creations, reflecting on our problems of water pollution are worth it. While some of the works serve as indicators, others give individual perspectives of society by reflecting the economy, religion, and culture.

Besides our almost 200 artists involved in our Budapest festival program including works by the artists in residence, students from the University of the Arts (UdK) and the Technical University of Berlin (TU) are showing their developed works based on collaborations with many European scientific institutions (initiated by an interdisciplinary seminar hold by the artist Roman Kroke). Many students came to Budapest personally to present their works for the first time to the public and answered questions from the audience.

We kindly thank the team of Hybridart for this great collaboration and the big help of the teams installing their works!

Photos by Andy Wengel