Nature Performance Art / 2018 / Ghana


Traditionally, Ghanaian society and Africa culture as a whole has allocated the role of cleaning, and ensuring the health of the family and the community to women or our mothers. From the age of six, girls and boys begin to work with their mothers, sweeping and cleaning all drainages to be clean from all substances including plastics. In most cases the girls or our  mother’s does it best. The female child is customarily socialized as the custodian of family health. Women are traditionally responsible for health and cleanliness in African societies.
A major change in the duties of a woman has been observed in our current generation. It is not certain who changed the course of duties, whether it was the society, men or women themselves or some other entity like globalization. no matter how it may be, the change is having an effect in the society. Dr. K. Aggrey ones said “if you educate a woman, you educate the whole society” and “if you educate a man, you educate an individual” so that implies that if you educate a girl how to clean the environment from plastic then you educate the whole society how to do clean exercise.
Women of today are nothing like the women of 1950s who were taught to run houses and perform cleaning chores – my mother does it best. Events in history have revolutionised the paradigms and women, now, do not really believe in cleaning. It will shock you that they are the very people who throw plastic garbage into our drainage. There are some things that are done best by our mothers.
Back in the days, knowing how to keep a clean house pretty much made a woman ‘wife material’. One of the background check before a man knock the door of a woman for marriage is cleanliness. Some women are, indeed, neat – my mother does it best but some don’t have any knowledge about cleaning chores. Home economics was something every woman was taught and it included everything esp. cleaning.
Now, most of them care about their manicured nails more than the waste plastics and garbage in the drainage and the environment.
Cleaning is basic, even men should know how to do it but my mother’s does it best. Every now and then we celebrate them through mothers day and international women’s. The artist believe their past effort has earn them so many respect and dignity. Parent especially the mothers who get most time to stay with the children should impact or teach them how to disposed  plastic waste in their environment. The way people throws plastics any how into the environment especially by children who are the future leaders of the Africa continent is so alarming.
We should all rise especially our mothers to define our universal sea from plastics. In what so ever ways, I believe the mothers does it best