(Virgin Breaker’s Act)
Nature performance ART / Ghana / 2018

Are you refreshing or causing death?
This is a question we must ask in the house, social and public places as well as the office. The kind of virgin breaker i talk about is the reader who refresh his or her self with drinks in the plastic bottles or rubbers and improperly disposed it into the environment which end up into the universal sea.
Over 2270 and more Marine species die constantly because of plastic debris in our waters. Animals that feed offshore are also dying as they mistakenly feed on plastic debris as food offshore. Scientist are predicting certain disease that will strike the earth due to contamination as a result of poisonous sustains produce by plastics found in the sea. We humans will certainly not escape the impact of the contamination due to food chain – Some people depend on sea water as a source of drinking water and most of the lake, streams, rivers and land waters from where we generate hydro pipe water is directly linked to the sea. In a nat shell the artist is emphasizing on the fact that if we kill the sea and it creatures, we will end up killing ourselves – what goes around comes around

In Ghana, Africa and the world as a whole, we consume a lot of drinks and water in a sachet rubber and bottle plastics all in the name of refreshment during events, parties, weddings and funeral ceremonials. Some people can’t eat without taking a drink(plastic bottle) – as a balance diet and as refreshment.
Are you really refreshing or causing death?
I am not against refreshment but am taking about using plastic drinking bottle and not thinking of how to manage it after use. it takes decade of years for a plastic to decompose in the environment.

The most alarming aspect now in Ghana were I come from is the fact that most of the drinking companies have stop using glass bottle and are using plastic probably because is cheap, they don’t reclaim their plastic bottles as they use to do in the past and no recycling is done to the plastic after use. Improper disposal by consumers leaves the destiny of rubbers or plastics placed anyhow in the environment. During rainfall, all these plastic debris find their way into the quarters, rivers, streams, lagoons and finally into the universal sea.
The time to fight this canker is NOW!!. Anytime you think of refreshing yourself with drinks in a plastics, think of how to preserve prevent and protect lives by properly disposing and managing it for reuse.
Don’t break! nature, don’t be a killer!!
The universal sea must be clean and pure from plastics.
Kojo Biney