This menu costs 400 bucks. – by Nasrin Yousefi

“The ancient human being used to think about nature, as a holy place and knew the natural elements as the operator of the surrounding world. On the contrary, civilized human, after the technological development, sought his happiness among welfare and tried to be the master of nature,” explains Nasrin Yousefi.

The contemporary man recognizes himself, the owner of whole lands and seas. But since he’s done lots of intemperances, mother nature turns back on him so he found himself, insolvent. The environment crisis, amongst water contamination, is the greatest danger threatening us.

Formerly, the human could guarantee his tranquility by a positive interaction with nature, but by such ingratitude depicted, the ancient interactive chain between him and nature was teared up. Our luxurious life led to the unequal transaction. Nature recaptured its favour in wound and injury. Many sea animal deaths are the proof of it.
A contemporary artist can no longer be able to present nature like, “Vanugok”, noisy, or like the “Cezanne “, intact. Today it’s just the plastics rules nature. So it could never have its precious appearance again. Even the sea animals search their food among the plastic garbage.

“Now, here I am to deliver the message of nature in a different way. There’s been a food I made and gathered entirely from plastic garbage. So tempting. I ask the audience to sit at the table and start having it and say:
” please eat, of what you’ve been breeding “. – Nasrin Yousefi

3 Actions 

Since public attention to the plastic contamination is to be considered, the artist suggests that at the first step when people see the table and the food on it, should be asked to try the food. At the second, by the time they get sure of not being able to eat a plastic food, ask them to write about the quality of the food and whether any kind of creatures in the world could eat it or not.
In an opinion poll submitted in a tablet and settled at the side of the food, there might be some other questions with short or yes/no answers.
The third action would be to sign the form then the procedure would come to end.
As you see, each and every one will come up with a conclusion they start focusing on the matter and that would be what I’d been thinking of.

Nasrin Yousefi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1976. She graduated from the Art & Architecture Azad University of Tehran.(BA) .

  • 13 years of Experiences typography design teaching at art school.
  • 10 years experience at scene and studio design (National TV).
  •  Active in the field of translating artistic articles. Published in “”
  • Environmental graphic designer and sculptor


– “Labour kids” Installation actualized at Iranian artist forum, 2017
– “Animate nature”, group painting exhibition, Farda gallery, Tehran, 2017
– Solo exhibition, Applied art, Shafagh gallery, Tehran, 2007
– Group exhibition, calligraphic painting, Arasbaran gallery, Tehran, 2006
– Solo exhibition, calligraphic painting, Mellah ghaitariye gallery, Tehran, 2005
– Relief painting exhibition, Sadaf gallery, Tehran, 2005